Cubase 10 expectations, hopes, etc.?

I’m assuming that Cubase 10 will be released in a few months and was just curious in anyone here has heard any rumors regarding new features, etc.

I don’t have any rumors, but I do have expectations and hopes:

  1. I expect Cubase 10 to be released in late October or early November, before Black Friday for sure.

  2. I hope Cubase 10 is NOT released in late October or early November. My biggest hope is actually that Steinberg stops the yearly update cycle, which I think has caused too many rushed features that haven’t been properly tested before release. So I hope they take a long time to methodically develop the new features and test them meticulously.

  3. I expect they will keep to their yearly update schedule though. Therefore while I’m sure there will be some landmark features in Cubase 10, I expect at least one major feature will require 3 patches before it works properly.

  4. I hope they spend more time on the new video engine to bring it back at least to feature parity with the old video engine.

  5. I hope they give us some major workflow feature for multi-cue film composers and sound designers like the “chunks” feature of Digital Performer or the “subprojects” feature of Reaper. Both of which would be super powerful for many other users too. I’m just dreaming though.

  6. I hope they finally get around to adding true ripple editing. It’s been requested for a long, long time. But I doubt we’ll get it. Judging by the responses I have received over the years, I don’t think Steinberg really “gets” what true ripple editing is all about. But still, I can hope, right?

  7. I hope they spend a lot more time refining and perfecting (and testing) Direct Offline Processing, but I expect they won’t do that since it seems the nicer version of DOP is reserved for Nuendo, so whatever improvements we get in DOP will likely be derived from Nuendo… so we might have to wait until Cubase 10.5. Or perhaps they might give Cubase the same version of DOP that Nuendo has?

  8. I expect they will spend time optimizing the audio engine for high-core-count computers. General optimizations are always welcome too.

  9. I expect at least one new softsynth, and it will be pretty good, although I’m not sure what kind it will be. Wavetable synths seem to be all the rage lately, so maybe they’ll take the WT module out of HALion and build a nice WT standalone synth around it, or perhaps something sort of like what they did with Padshop and Padshop Pro.

  10. I expect a bunch of new “anniversary” content. It will be a mixture of loops, vintage sounds, EDM sounds, and a token orchestral/string collection.

  11. I expect they’ll release a nice step sequencer and possible “pattern” workflow. I hope they don’t chase too much after the Ableton and FL users though.

  12. I expect full support for MPE. They’ll call it VST Expression 3 and it will be a superset of MPE + their previous stuff like Note Expression + VST Dynamics + Expression Maps. It will likely be totally state-of-the-art and retain their dominance in that area. After all, Steinberg can’t be known for falling behind in this area. So I expect some sort of new hardware to go along with it too, or a promotional deal or collaboration with ROLI.

  13. It’s also about time we get the next gen of VariAudio to keep up with the current Melodyne OR perhaps Steinberg will give us ARA 2 support, OR perhaps both! Personally, I don’t believe Steinberg will support ARA 2 due to their increasingly in-house mentality, so I expect we’ll get the next gen of VariAudio, which will likely be pretty good, perhaps not quite as good as Melodyne, but it will likely have polyphonic improvements. On the other hand, Celemony sure is taking a long, long time releasing ARA 2 officially, so that might be because Steinberg is holding them up with Cubase 10. So it could go either way. In any case, I expect something to happen in this area.

  14. I expect Steinberg will give us at least ONE new, very nice core plugin following in the footsteps of Frequency. They did well with Frequency and I think they’re slowly working on adding better plugins like that, one by one… so the next most likely candidate after Frequency will be a nice new high-quality, flexible compressor in the style of Fabfilter Pro-C 2.

  15. I expect Steinberg to continue their evolution of Zoning, and there will be slight improvements in that area… like Zoning 2.5.

  16. Lastly, I expect Steinberg to launch more hardware soon, including an 8-channel version of their Neve design, and it’s been a while since they released something like CC121, so maybe a new, more affordable motorized channel controller of some kind.

Those are my expectations and hopes. Let’s see what happens!

My wish list for cubase 10 at the moment is:

1.- - Improvements on piano roll

  • Fold option for MIDI, Is a great hack helper for compose melodies check this links for see what fold is:




  • 1 mouse click for write a MIDI note and 2 for delete notes. Or two click for write (as it is now) and two over the same note to delete them (like in ableton live than same button have this double function)

nowadays if you click two times over one midi note, opens an options for snap horizontal and vertical on MIDI notes, I do not find this really useful, I think this easily can be moved to a shortcut … and instead, two clicks for delete notes will have more sence. (or can be added like an option in preferences)

2.- Improvements in arrange automations

  • nowadays is one click to create a point, it could be good to add two clicks for delete a point, instead of create more…
  • easy way to find automations, just moving the wanted knob or parameter in the VST or plugin, and instantaneously watch it on the grid (as in Ableton live again)

- Improvements on Pitch Shift

  • Real time automations on pitch shift
  • and up/down to 48 semitones

    3.- - Freezing multiple tracks at once

More convenient would be erasing notes with the right mouse button, in my opinion. (FL Studio style)

actually I love that FL piano style, but the thing is, Cubase have in the right button the tools menu, which is very comfortable too

The ability to hide open plugin windows rather than have to close them to get some added view real estate. That way could easily toggle between seeing multiple plugin screens you’re working on and hiding them as you please.

There are many suggestions and necessary fixes/revisions to Cubase, all of which I’ve already blabbed about here and in FR and Issues pages.

My biggest hope is that they’ve been re-writing it from scratch over the past few years because there are so many things that are stuck in the current incarnation, like the aging GUI itself, Mac GUI issues, and plenty of other things that are likely by this time ancient code and could benefit from the modernization of DAWs such as Studio One, etc. No, I do NOT want Cubase to be exactly like those, believe me. But there are some very important workflow things, CPU issues, the ancient fiddly GUI, and addressing years-long bugs that would put Cubase securely on top for me if they were addressed very strongly, whatever the best way to do that is. I know a re-write would have its own share of problems, but it feels like all of the great new stuff on the old Cubase framework might be a bad way of continuing (I could be totally wrong, so don’t flip out if I am – it’s just a theory).

My other sincere hope is that Steinberg gets some kind of actual customer service going, because it’s making many of their users angry (here and other forums I’ve seen), and that’s not a way to keep people loyal. That would be a really smart and very welcome move.

They really need to upgrade the GUI… Why do all the other DAWs look modern and the supposed “Best DAW” still look like a cartoon?

I mean c’mon, there gotta be someone at Steinaha with some semblance of artistic talent…

For example?

I really wonder which DAWS you feel looks better than Cubase… I don’t wanna hurt feelings, but … Did you ever saw FL GUI? that one it looks like cartoon…

Ableton live like excel

Logic X like a CAR :laughing: to much fashion

Protools … old … boring…

Studio one, close to FL Studio… but more serious and boring…

Im joking a little, but to me Cubase GUI looks really nice… I don’t find a problem on it

No offense intended, but the CURRENT GUI is one of the best things about Cubase in my opinion… I hope they don’t consider making any radical departures in this regard.

Yeah - I think current GUI looks great. Clients comment on how good the GUI looks when I’m running cubase.

I hope it still works under win7 64!

Big +1

Even Intel released new motherboards with support for win7

I hope they can fix the audio dropouts on multi-core CPU thing. I expect that for the more money i put on my DAW it should also be a better DAW.

The GUI & associated work flow really needs to be more consistent. Studio One is far superior in this regard after having used both for several years. Its simple to use and super efficient. Working in Cuase is like wading through treacle in comparison

  • UI is really untidy & inconsistent. The UI uses Different fonts, we have disappearing M/S buttons when zooming in on the mixer
  • We’ve lost a lot of the customisation in recent versions - can only now pick and adapt from existing from a colour palettes
  • The inspector is old fashioned. Steinberg should expose as many commonly used controls as possible to avoid having to click, open, close and scroll panels all the time
  • The floaty menu bar in windows is absolutely bizarre and wastes real estate if you extend the project window across two monitors. So annoying!!
  • We should have an option to have all plug ins render in a single tabbed window or have them separate - this should respond when I change tracks
  • Dragging and dropping is clunky - If I want to insert an audio clip into the project, I have to position the now cursor and drag the wav file all the way over to the left hand side to create a new track. I just want to drop it directly into project window - such a faff
  • The features to add/remove a track are not consistent between the mixer and the project window… grrr - means I have to switch back to the project window all the time
  • The editor windows have lost their integrated transport buttons - I have to jump bakc to the project window as a result
  • no smart tools in this day in age is painful - Sonar had this 10 years ago

In summary it takes too many clicks to get simple things done. Focus less on adding on adding generic instruments/content and give us a world class work flow.


much bigger problems/things to fix than the constant revision and fiddling with the GUI. To me it also looks like one of the most Pro and quality ones out there.

I find myself agreeing with almost everything you stated. Especially the comment about an option for a tabbed window for plugins that follows track selection. I love that feature in Studio One. It cleans things up. Keep the old way of course, but add tabs for plugins as an option, please!

And frankly, Studio One’s plugin routing/splitter feature is really outstanding too… Cubase could stand to borrow that idea… it’s really helpful for creative sound design, and much more powerful than just serial plugin insert slots.

But more to the point of the whole UI issue, Cubase’s UI could definitely stand to get more love. I’m not in the camp that it looks terrible (I miss the old 6.5 look BTW), but it can still use a lot of improvements.

From me as a new user of Cubase Pro 9.5,I can’t really comment, on what’s right and what’s wrong, and ways to improve Cubase. As I have used Cubase for only a few months. :smiley:
And I am really enjoying the learning experience,discovering new features each time.I am off work.

Like every DAW,each one is unique as regards to features, faults,quirks etc,etc.Choosing a DAW,is very much a personal choice,you have to decide,what you want from the DAW ,(hoping that you try the demos beforehand,like I did) :smiley:

My only wish (here’s hoping) is for Steinberg to be kind to us all,and offer free upgrades to Cubase 10 when it arrives,ha,ha :laughing:

I have to say despite my quibbles around workflow and UI frustrations - at it’s core Cubase is absolutely incredible. So feature rich. Genuinely amazing and light years ahead of other DAWs IMHO. I just wish they’d focus on polishing, and consolidating the features, and improving usability and stability. I’ve used Cubase for about 6 years now after moving from Sonar and many of the issues back in C7 days are still here (slow launch time anyone??)