Cubase 10 Expression Maps on sample library articulation having multiple states

I am trying to make my own Expression Map for Cinematic Studio Strings. I have every articulation from Marcato, Harmonics, Even the other Pizz like Bartok. The first switch list “Art1” is working perfectly. But CSS is designed to allow each articulation with ConSordino and without, as well as Legato or Ensemble mode. So I thought to get the other stated set up on the selected articulation I needed to set them on Art2 and Art3 (Like BELOW). This way if I set Sustain, it can be with ConSord and Ensemble… or without… Everything is working but the ConSord switch and the Ensemble/Legato switch never triggers. Any Ideas?

Apparently I’m not alone in this folly…

Expression Map (unfortunately) doesn’t work that way.
You need to register every possible combination, as the program won’t do it for you.

So for example, for “Tremolo + div. + con sordino”, a specific slot combining these three articulations in different groups needs to be present: Tremolo in Art. 1, div. in Art. 2, and con sord. in Art. 3.

Now you can imagine how many slots you’ll need to cover all articulations combinations in the end!

OK So I recreated it the way suggested and it is working so I’m good for now. But look at this madness! Compare it to the way I thought it worked and tell me my way wasn’t better!!! Now I need over 40 articulations for this sample where I only needed 8 before. Now look at the piano roll!!! FIX IT!

Your first attempt was better because you had 2 groups, but, articulation 1 must be filled with data for articulation 2 to work.

What I use it either + for Mute and o for Open.

So group1 (articulation 1) should be Open or Mute. Have them set as directional. every row in the mapping should have 1 of these values.

Group2 (articulation 2) should be the Marcato, Pzz, Bartok, Legatp, Sus, staccato. eveery row in the mapping should have 1 of these values.

Group 3 (articulation3 ) not every articulation should have this. Divis On, Divis Off.

So sus rows may look like this.
Open + sus + Divis On
Open + sus + Divis Off
Mute + sus + Divis On
Mute + sus + Divis Off.