Cubase 10 graphic problem

Today I have updated cubase 9.5 to cubase 10. Starting up is not a problem. But when I go to the menu, I do not see any text appearing? I have already installed the program 2 times. can you please help me with this?

Check the pic please.


Are you on Windows 7 or Windows 10?

What graphic card do you use?

İ’m using windows 10

İ’m using windows 10

What graphic card do you use? Could you try a newer or an older graphic card driver?

The problem is, when i reinstall cubase 9.5 there is no problem. İ updated my drivers. İnstalled 10 3 times but it dont works…

Maybe an older driver could work better. There were some issues especially with NVIDIA graphic cards.

İ’m using a Radeon HD 6630 s

İ hope there comes quickly a update to resolves the graphic problem. Still using 9.5 cant wait to produce with 10…

Then I’m out of ideas, I’m sorry.

At the other hand (I’m sorry to say but…), it seems it’s not a general issue, otherwise there will be hundreds of reports on the forum already. So it must be something in your system.

İts oke now :slight_smile: i just use ccleaner, scan the registry for issues. Start cubase 10, and it works! :slight_smile:


Same problem here with no solution found

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Just to be exact I have been having the same issue since I out of Boxed my PC, that along with my Groove agent kits somehow not being available anymore even when I try to open with my Library Manager it says already registered but doesnt work. I’m so frustrated. Im using an i7 with 16 GB of Ram an intel built in Graphcard (laptop) and a Nivid 1080 connected to a monitor. The intel card seems to not handle it well but the Graphics get glitchy even on the Monitor (with less frequency) oh it’s 04/28/2021 I will let you know if any of your suggestions work for me.