Cubase 10- groove agent SE5 - content

Just trialling Cubase 10 and I’m trying to work out if I have all the content for Groove Agent SE5 installed properly.

I looked at this video here:

at 3:18 he’s using a preset called “highs and lows of lifeSE” which I don’t have.

In my vst sound folder i also have a load of files like “Metro heights, Future electronica, neuro mindset…” but not sure if these are paid upgrades?

In GA SE5, in my list of kits, I have " Studio SE, Allen Morgan, Laser Beams, Production Grooves, Beat agent (rock pop toolbox), beat agent (SE kits).

Does that sound about right?


Hi…you seem to be missing The Kit SE…Groove agent one and All Agents…I have what you have plus the ones I’ve listed… :slight_smile:

Thanks. Really appreciate your reply. I’ll try reinstalling the content and see what happens