Cubase 10 is "crashier" ?

I love the new features, but this version of Cubase has introduced something unpleasant. It’s crashes completely in the middle of working. This is more likely to happen to me when I am comping vocals. If I click too quickly between lanes; that’s it. I’m just having to save all the time. This is on a project where there are only audio tracks and very limited plug-ins loaded. Just seems less stable overall to me. Mostly no crash dumps either. It just freezes. Would you say this is the case for you; or is this more or less unique to my setup? I have dumped a lot of VST/VSTi’s but maybe something else is reacting badly with Cubase.

No crashes at all for me. Suggest that you make sure you have the latest maintenance update installed.

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Crashier? Possibly:

But take heart, they’re still testing a product that was released in November 2018 in February 2019! Testing, testing, 1,2,3, is this thing on?

Which must mean something positive.

My experience has been more crashes. Not the worst though.

The crashiness seems pretty system dependent -

You could do a lot worse than removing unused plugins, updating drivers, and making sure Windows is set up properly for DAW use.

In all the years I’ve been using Cubase, I had never seen Cubase crash, until version 9.5, I started to get crashes, and V10 still crashes (instant exit - no crash dump created). it’s hard to say what causes the crashes, but it seems to only happen when an event edit screen is active.
At the moment I have turned “Auto Save” off, and so far no crashes. I’ve got into the habit of hitting CTRL-S after every significant change.
Too early to tell if this is the answer though.

I’m finding 10 to be the most stable version ever…not had one crash,

Stable here as well.

I’m getting more crashes (about one per day of work). Once it really hurt as I lost about a half hours worth of work :frowning:

It has been stable for me so far. I’m on a Macbook Pro running OS 10.13.6 High Sierra with no plans to upgrade to 10.14.

For me 10.0.10 is also the most stable Cubase since a long time. Zero crashes here since I started working with it in december last year…

Cubase 10 is completely stable for me, like most previous versions except for 7 and I´ve had 0 crashes. I have had lots of trouble with the elicenser lately though, but that has been sorted out.

Yes, it is. At least, that was my experience.

Seems like the Mac version is doing better in these comments. BTW I have run Cubase since the 80’s. I build my own PC’s and they are production computers, not for anything else. Thanks for the replies.

Like just now. 1. F4. 2. Add mono vocal group. 3. Rename it. Click OK. Frozen. So I lost 5 vocal edits. It’s really a step backwards Steinberg.

Not crashing for me, but it does need to be closed and reopened in order to attain sane behaviour. Seems to be some CPU hogging task related to track display as scrolling through tracks (some 50-60?) renders Cubase unusable (on a Win 10, 32GB RAM, i7 rig).