Cubase 10 Loading Plug-in Error

Cubase 10 Loading Plug-in Error
I need to use Softube console 1 for mixing, but I can’t load any VST3 plug-ins of Softube Company under the Win10 Enterprise System in the studio. After loading, the Cubase 10 shuts down directly without any prompt. Only a few versions of vst2 are available.
Major errors will be raised when autotune8 is loaded. Cubase 10 closes after clicking OK.
These plug-ins work well on another win7 computer.
How to solve these problems?
Now work is back to Cubase 9.5, all plug-ins are normal

Hi and welcome,

Crash with AutoTune 8 is an known issue. As far as I know, Antares is informed already.

I have seen some other threads about Console 1 and Softube plug-ins here on the forum. Do you have the latest update installed?