Cubase 10 (Mac 10.14.5) Won't Quit

I recently installed the latest version of Cubase 10.0.3 and I can’t get the program to quit properly. It doesn’t matter if the session has midi/audio/instruments/reverb, I can’t even open then close an empty session without it hanging up. Force quit is the only option, which makes each start up take that much longer as it constantly scans everything like its looking at it for the first time.

What things can I try to fix this? I’ve heard rumors it might have something to do with kontakt + cubase? I have K6 installed and still have the problem without any instances of Kontakt in the session.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thx


Something is hanging while quit. NI Kontakt is quite a promising candidate in this case. Make sure you have the latest Kontakt version installed, please.

This is a classic cubase issue on PC as well. My cubase 10 closes properly about 50% of the time if it’s a busy project. This issue has been around for years unfortunately.

I figured it out! Once I went into the plugin manager and rescanned all plugins, then updated the the plugin info for Blacklist, instruments, and effects, then hid/disabled Flux bittersweet transient shaper, both Cubase 9 and cubase 10 close properly. I’ve seen the “cubase wont quit” thread a lot on the internet but hopefully this brings some attention to a possible solution.

Clean up the Plugin manager!!