Cubase 10 may freeze when setting a plugin "Always on top"

On a heavy project, this froze my Cubase, twice. Nothing can be done except kill the task, and start the program again.
(On an empty project, I could never reproduce it)

I would appreciate if somebody could test this on a heavy project, but be sure to save first.

The plugin must be NOT “always on top” at first, then you make it “always on top” and then it freezes.


Could you share one of the example project, please? For example share a link via Dropbox (you can even PM me).

I have the same problem with two plugin (for now) Seventh Heaven & TC 2290, Cubase freeze if I want enable “Always on the Top” for this plugins, even on empty project (just one track for inserting plugins)

Workaround : use “generic editor” then active “always on the top” and came back to “plugin editor”…….