Cubase 10, MIDI keeps reverting to "Seconds" time base

I created a new template project in 10.0.20, and this odd behaviour happens on every new project I start:

  1. I create a new MIDI item
  2. Double-click on it to open it
  3. Right-click on the ruler and change it to “Bars+Beats”
  4. Close the MIDI editor
  5. Delete the MIDI item you edited
  6. Add a new MIDI item to the same track
  7. Double-click on it to edit it
  8. New the ruler has changed back to “Seconds” by itself

I have the following settings:

  1. Project setup (Shift+S): Project Time Displays | Display Format: “Bars+Beats”
  2. Edit | Preferences | Editing | Default Track Time Type: “Follow Transport Main Display”
  3. In the Transport view (F2), the “Primary time format” setting is “Bars+Beats”
  4. In the Transport view (F2), the “Secondary time format” setting is “Bars+Beats”

Yet, the same thing still happens. Every new MIDI item will use “Seconds” by default.

How can I make it to always stay on “Bars+Beats”?

Hi and welcome,

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

In any case, I would recommend to update to the latest Cubase 10.0.50.