Cubase 10 minimum system requirements

Unlike all the other pages for Steinberg products, the new Cubase 10 page does not list the minimum system requirements. Has anyone found them? If so, could you please provide a link?

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You can find it in the shop .

Thanks, Martin. I appreciate that.

For anyone who may need them, I’ll add a screenshot as an attachment.

It’s interesting that they no longer list display resolution as a requirement. IIRC, it used to be 1366 X 720.


It’s not running at all on my Mac. i5, 4 core with 8 GB ram. I am getting the spinning ball already after adding 2 instrument tracks, so I can forget about doing any movie scoring.


I can imagine, if you use EWQLSO library, this could by quite CPU heavy.

I’m running it on a Dell Laptop. Inspiron about 2 years old.
CPU I7- 7500 x64 2.7 ghz
Nvidia GPU Geforce 940 MX
1 TB M2 SSD Main drive 1TB 2nd SSD Drive

2 HD Televisions.

Software : 10 Pro. Izotope Nectar. Izotope Neutron. etc…

Kontakt Instruments.

I find that it will easily cope with Steinberg software with all Midi tracks.
But… Start putting Audio tracks on and sending Izotope FX or Amplitube 4 and it starts to Cracle and Pop and eventually just gives up.
I have a 5 fan laptop cooler too and have noticed that the internal fans are trying hard to cool it. It’s definitely getting too hot.
Am thinking now of a whole new PC.
I wouldn’t recommend using it on Laptops.


IK plug-ins are really CPU hungry. And isotope too quite a lot.

I am just commenting here so I have a constant record where the post is.

Your screenshot clearly states that cubase 10 is compatible with windows 7.

Thank you.