CUBASE 10 Mix console snapshots - How does it handle automation?

Well, great - that’s your workflow, the option to save console automation lanes (or not) should be a checkbox on the snapshot option. Most modern forms of music use extensive mixer automation from the word go, it is a must that these form part of the snapshots.

FWIW, SONAR does exactly that. I think that feature has been out there for 3 years. Saving a mix scene without the ability to save the envelopes is really pointless. I never noticed the SONAR file sizes being a problem.

This. Data is cheap and tiny.

On the face of it, it would seem a simple enough matter, though I appreciate those are the words of someone who isn’t staring at ancient code. Automation is just a bunch of dots that are saved somewhere in the project, or more likely somewhere for each track in the project. Just save all those dots with each snapshot, and you have the complete mix.

I know I know… I’m not a coder…

That would definitely be a cool feature though, as you could finish your mix, then store a bunch of snapshots for stems, instrumentals etc.

Steinberg took the term Mixer Snapshot literally, in creating a snapshot of mixer settings in a moment in time. However, it seems like what they should’ve done is built mini-project files that would’ve been able to include automation settings. To the end user, that approach could’ve been implemented exactly like Mixer Snapshots (and still could), as all of the work would be happening behind the scenes. The file size argument doesn’t hold water as the data required would be minuscule.

I have a feeling Steinberg will address this at some point.

I’m curious. Between the way it fails to handle automation and the lack of including mute status in the snapshot, has anybody found any use for mix console snapshots?


Frustrating. Though I’ve just tried something I wanted to share which seems to work.

It includes looping on the part I wish to mix (the arranger track and “p” helps me get that selected). Then on the Automation Panel (F6) the key is to select “Fill Loop” and Auto-Latch. It seems the “Loop” function will reset everything that is in the selection to the automation values being written. Actually looping the transport is not necessary as far as I’ve seen but it helps to focus on the part you mix.

I’m trying to mix something like that just now, and it’s sort of works.

Additionally you may filter what automation parameters you wish to write or filter out with the automation panel. Nice.

Are you using Snapshots as part of this method?

No. I wonder if they can be used with this somehow. You have an idea?
But even without snapshots it worked for me in my project.

The 10.5 release is a golden opportunity for Cubase to finish the snapshot feature so it can finally be useful, but I don’t see any mention of snapshots anywhere in the 10.5 documentation. Is it true that nothing was done to snapshots in the 10.5 update?