CUBASE 10 Mix console snapshots - How does it handle automation?

Mix console snapshots: Are these just static shots of your mixer state at the song position line, or can this be used to A/B completely different mixes WITH AUTOMATION? That is the key for me, as I do a lot of mix automation and would LOVE to be able to quickly try different ideas with automation.

Was hoping track versions would be updated to include automation as well as bus tracks so you could do this, but maybe this is now possible with console snapshots? If not, is the only way to try different mixes with different automation is to save/load separate projects?

It doesn’t.

A promising new feature rendered near-useless by poor execution.


That’s classic for Steinberg

I was wondering if you can export/import the snapshots?

I agree 100% that it would be best if it included automation settings (same with Track Versions). Still… sounds like a useful feature and I look forward to trying it in the next few days.

I don’t understand. Are you guys going to go to the trouble of automating an effect that you think you might not use in a different snapshot? Not likely.
So the thing you change snapshot to snapshot probably won’t be something you’ve spent time automating.

Just automate the volume. Snapshot
Continue automate the volume. Snapshot
Now load your first snapshot. You will probly notice how your faders dont snap to that first snapshot. Caus it dosent snap automation.

From a guy that mixes on motor faders and automates. This function is of limited use.

I second the snapshot feature being completely worthless without including automation, but I guess I already have snapshot… aka “save as”. Still it would have been nice to not have to wait for the new session to load … O well

Nice and pointless, the grand new feature.

i don’t agree that it is pointless. it is limited to static adjustments. however, that alone is a big addition to try things out. just consider the amount of data required to include automation changes. it would basically mean to just save the complete project under a new name. otherwise you can cover automation changes through the undo function.

If you’re creating a second snapshot wouldn’t you have already modified your automation anyways?

I would expect I’d only use this snapshot automation on the Final Mix to create a few different test mixes.

The ONLY way this would work is, if the snapshots WERE the automation - To do/automate snapshot changes on the fly.

It will NEVER work for tracks that involve traditional automation. You set a snapshot, hit transport > automation is read, and snapshot is no longer in command. Nah

I could accept snapshots w/o automation - but only if track versions were, in turn, able to pick-up the slack, by recalling automation themselves. Somewhere between snapshots and track versions there’s got to be a way to store automation set-ups.

store different automation by saving the project with different names… no?

Yes, that’s fine if you don’t like things to improve. Personally I would prefer snapshots to include automation. Sonar has had this feature for 3-4 years.

What we have here with Mix Console Snapshots is actually pretty much what used to exist in Cubase VST about ten years ago. It was removed for whatever reason and now it is back.

This thread confirms what I thought, snapshot only remembers static fader settings - pointless. Snapshot should be fader settings plus all pan, send and volume automation tracks. It’s so obvious I don’t even know where to start - do Steinberg devs/product managers actually ever use the product? This would be the first thing I mentioned in the first meeting on the subject of snapshoting the mix console. Doh!

if you’ve properly gainstaged your mix there wouldn’t really be a point in snapshoting different automations, infact if you have properly gainstaged your mix, having automation tied to snapshots would be very annoying because you want to a/b “the sound of your mix”, not the levels. ie, if you have automation on all your tracks, and you go to a snapshot where all your inserts are off… your levels shouldn’t change. You want to snapshot A/B your mix within your automation - not A/B your automation on your mix… or in other words… you are automating your mix, not mixing your automation.

This is why I’ve started destructive gainstaging my tracks and events before I start mixing and adding processing inserts so that everything is peaking around -6db, using RMS to level as well, instead of using inserts to do this work I now use Direct Offline Process so that none of this initial gain is part of my mix. As the mix goes on, I tend to use a lot more RMS metering because of compression being used in which case my -6db peak target becomes irrelevant and rely on RMS and my ears to properly gainstage my insert mixing.

Working this way, I wouldn’t want automation to be part of my mixconsole snapshots because I would just be A/Bing my automation changes on the fly and crafting what I want, and then saving ‘New Version’ of the project and titling it (mix rev4, etc, etc) and exporting stereo mixes as I go.

How do the snapshots behave if there is automation written on tracks? Does it remove the automation?

I believe automation will override your new levels.