Cubase 10 : no preview volume in Import audio file menu

Hello I have been using 9.5.41 and found that there is no audio volume in Cubase 10 Import audio file menu.

That function is so handy I don’t want to lose it… Please help and share your thoughts

Thanks in advance

Pro? Artist? Elements? :unamused:

YES +1

They removed the volume and the ability to scroll through the audio file in the Import Audio dialogue box…

Please bring it back Steinberg! So handy!

I just don’t see an adavnatge or work flow improvement of removing it.

Totally agreed. Steinberg should restore that function…

Sorry for confusing you… I use Pro version.

Yes, exactly!

Plus, I only see a play/stop button. After I hit play and then hit stop it just goes and plays the file from beginning again and doesn’t stop.
Also, dragging the audio into my project freezes C10 on win7 and win10.

It’s ok at my comp (C10 , win10). Just ticked the autoplay Box in the audio import browser, then I can scroll through the files to listen.

This. Removing those made absolutely no sense.

I don’t understand Your problem. Both in the “file/import/audio file” for browsing through my HD, and in the right pane inside Cubase I have the option to scroll through and pre-listen to my audio files. Nopthing is missing! The same in C10 as in C9.5.

Are you using Win 7 or 10? Mine is 7 and couldn’t find any volume fader or scroll bar in C10…

win10 (home edition), as I said in my previous post. Do you think it’s OS related?

Agreed, the volume control is very handy.

Yes! Why on earth would you remove that feature?

It seems that audio volume and scroll bar removed by Steinberg regardless of os version.

Why does this happen? Maybe there is an option for turning it on?

I can find just one explanation, that anyway is not logic, but wherever:

They removed this option to make people use more their mediabay there is this option…

i wish they put back again in a future update the volumen control and the scrolling bar as well for audio preview.

Recently upgraded from 9.5 to pro 10 and missing this feature also alot as it is a part of my workflow. I don’t understand why good features are removed :cry:

Mediabay works yes, but there is one important thing different compared to the removed feature:
At least in my system the mediabay sends the signal thru master output WITH the possible master insert plugins. The audio import dialogue BYPASSES the master plugins. For some reference purposes it is important to listen without any plugins in the master. I know there are better ways to reference files but that is not the point here.

If it’s true I think steinberg team go down. It’s crazy. We pay for each upgrade and they should work for us. What is giving me new functions in the next upgrade if I loose some good and usefull old features. If you want to take something out then put option in the preferences to turn it on or off. The same with turning loop on the bar on. Many of us iritate this finction.