Cubase 10 no sound

I know it seems to be a common problem but I think I have done everything that all the various videos tell me to do and still have no sound. I have no external hardware so I am simply trying to playback through my PC speakers. I just upgraded to Cubase 10 from Cubase 9 which was working fine. Here is a picture of my studio setup. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

A few thoughts to start things off…

  • Check what is set as default in Windows sound control panel menu.
  • Make sure nothing is muted and volume settings are good.
  • Do you see audio activity in the Cubase mixer?

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Hi, Windows sounds seems fine. All other programs (including Dorico) work just fine. Yes, I see activity on the meters. And yes, although you didn’t ask, Dorico was closed when I tried this.

Make sure track is armed or monitored.

It’s possible that something else has requested control of the audio. Examples include any media player and stand-alone soft synths.

Otherwise, sometimes my Audio has to manually set to active inside Cubase; I think that most often occurs after I have listened to an exported track.

Actually, you want to disable the track monitor function to hear during playback. Not sure what is meant by “armed”? But, make sure the track record enabled function is off too.

While Cubase was on, did you go into the windows settings>system>sound>manage sound devices menu and make sure your computer sound is listed in the “output” section? Click on it and hit test. If it is working while Cubase is on, then it would be a setting in Cubase itself. If this is the case, I would try deleting and adding the output bus again. If this doesn’t help then we need some screenshots showing the the audio track and stereo channel inspector settings and the mixconsole.

Also, something to check, maybe you have the control room enabled and it needs to be disabled. The aforementioned screen shots would help us assist you…

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Found it. First I loaded an old project and it played back fine so I knew the problem was in this particular file.
The track output was set to “No Bus”