Cubase 10 Not Detecting Certain VST instruments

Just upgraded to Cubase 10 from 9.5.

Cubase 10, in the plugin manager, it is showing the all the VST instruments in the VST instruments list, but not Spitfire Audio. I made sure all the VST paths are the same as it is in Cubase 9.5, but after rescanning Cubase 10 still doesn’t have them available when I try to add an instrument VST track. It works in Cubase 9.5.

I am able to see and load Kontakt and then all my Spitfire Audio instruments in Cubase 9.5 but Cubase 10 doesn’t “see” them after plugin paths are added and rescanned.

I notice there are a bunch of Native instruments dll.s (Komplete Kontrol, Guitar Rig, Maschine 2, absynth, etc…) that were originally in the Native Instruments/VST plugins 64 bit folder, but now they are all blacklisted.

When I try to re-activate them, it says it failed.

I also set my plugin path for my other libraries that are on external SSD’s but they don’t get recognized after putting the plugin paths and rescanning.

What’s the issue here? Everything works fine in Cubase 9.5

How do I get Cubase 10 to recognize and load all my NI, Spitfire Audio, and other sample libraries after setting the correct VST Path in the plugin manager, then rescanning?

Interesting that nobody has the answer to this. Slate digital nor steinberg support were able to pinpoint the problem. And it’s not just Cubase 10 since I just posted about Slate Drum Sampler also being blacklisted in 9.5.5 (and 9.5.41), here:

By any chance, is your system AMD?

MIne wasn’t showing “Native Instruments” at all, not even in the blacklisted list.

Here’s the instructions I found:
I clicked on the gearwheel at the bottom for pathways, it opened up file explorer. I went to C:program files/Native Instruments/VSTPlugins 64bit clicked the Select button, and Voila! Native Instruments appeared under VST Instruments and Effects. Did a “rescan” for both VST Instruments and VST Effects, and it found the new files.

The blacklisted files might have been 32bit files, which don’t work with Cubase.

Btw, I believe you are supposed to select Komplete Kontrol as a VST Instrument. You use that as a “Master” to access all the other Native Instrument plug ins within it.

Now my current problem I’m having is with Reaktor6. Komplete Kontrol says it’s missing 1198 files. Seems everyone is complaining about it. I’ve reinstalled through Native Access as directed, but the files are still missing.

I also am trying to get my Yamaha MOX8 midi keyboard to work with Native Instruments. It works with the Steinberg plugins, but not NI. Weird.