Cubase 10 not opening

Hi there,

Can anyone advise? As i have yet to have a response from customer services.

i have cubase 10 artist on my laptop. My office set up is that my laptop goes through a hub which connects to all accessories, sound card (focusrite) and 2 external monitors. This posed no issues when using cubase 5.

Cubase 10 however will not start up when clicking. I have to unplug the laptop from the hub and use it to open cubase, then when the message for soundcard selection comes up, hook it up to the hub and select ‘focusrite’.

It then seems to work it part, but wont close properly unless i disconnect it again. Im a bit weary about starting a project just in case something goes wrong and deletes progress.

Thanks in advance!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

so your dongle and everything is plugged into this hub correct? and nothing to your laptop correct?

I don’t quite understand what you do to make it work, but how about just trying to connecting 1 device directly to your laptop while the rest is connected to yur hub… then you will find soon enough what is the problem