Cubase 10 on Windows 10: MMCSS limitation still an issue?

Hey All,

Been a long time Cubase user, looking to build a new PC. I’m coming from a 6c/12t processor, and find myself stuck on the best processor to get due to this issue:

While I see this says “only applies to versions prior to Cubase 10” I’ve also seen accounts of this issue not actually being fixed on Cubase 10:

Can anyone confirm if this issue is still occurring? Seems like the fix was “always keep AsioGuard on” which seems less than elegant.

I’d also be curious on your recommendation of ideal core count for Cubase 10. I know it’s a balance of core count to processor speed, but don’t know the actual sweet spot (12 core 3.8ghz? 16 core 3.5ghz?). Anyone with experience on Threadripper chips (3960x, 3970x)?