cubase 10 one windows instead of two..

i just move to cubase pro 10 from cubase 7 , and when i minimize or close my project window there is another window in the background , there is anyway to change it to only one window like it used to be in cubase 7 ?
not sure for what its good , but i just want to have one window when i close it or minimize it .
im on windows 10 .
Thanks so much for the help

All you can do is minimize that one too.

I’ve noticed that after it has been minimized it can get stuck there. I have to do all sorts of combinations of clicking the window in the taskbar multiple times or minimizing other windows or minimizing all windows with Show Desktop button and then again clicking multiple times on Cubase in in the taskbar. This has been a solid “bug for me” since 9.5 when I upgraded from 5.

If you want to work with just one window, restore down the front window, then manually resize it to fill the back window, leaving just the top bar visible. You will still see the top bars of both windows but minimizing the back or main window will control both with the one click.
I had CB Studio 5 and it also had 2 windows. It was good for those who have 2 monitors and want to display the arrange window on one and the mix console on the other.