Cubase 10 opening older Cubase projects from older Cubase versions

Ok I have Cubase 10 up and running on my Mac. I had made DVD copies of some older Cubase .cpr projects done back in 2004 05 which were obviously done with older versions of Cubase. If Itry to open any of the files they are grayed out ( .cpr files) but I fI try to open the projects from within Cubase 10 the .cpr files are not grey but they never open. Any help??

The .cpr files aren’t specific to a version of Cubase & should be able to be freely opened between different versions. It seems most likely the files themselves have a problem - especially since the OS has them greyed out. PC here so I can’t offer much advice on that front. Do you have system backups which include those files? Is there another computer with Cubase you can try to open them with?

Just to be sure: you are not trying to open the Cubase projects directly from DVD, are you? You have copied them to your hard disk before?

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