Cubase 10 plugin manager

I have a problem getting four Hornet plugins to show up in the cubase INSERTS

They are four dll’s put Into the C drive --Program files - VST folder with others.
I then find pathway and scan, but it finds nothing
I tried scanning in Bandlab which i have but rarely use and they show up just like that.

The four plugins show up on the left side of the plugin manager but does not show in the right side drop downs in the Other folder like they should
I have tried several times but no luck ,just zero findings
Is there a bug here or is there some special thing that i have to do In some box in preferences or something like that.
Can anyone please help here as i want to get on with my mixing.

All the best

Hi To All Cubase Lovers

I have sorted out the problem

I will say what happened as It may help others who fall into my trap.
If you make a personal name folder for your installed plugins on right side of the manager plugins will not show up

You have to go back to DEFAULT and there they all are!!

Sausages to all of that and a wasted two hours.

All the best

Do not despair. You have to drag them into the Named Folder from the Default folder/plugin manager area. The only plugins that will show in your personal folders are ones that you have dragged in there. This way you can place them wherever you like in you personal folder.