CUBASE 10 plugin no appear

Some plugins no appear in Cubase
I have the Cubase 10.0.60 Artist
I recently acquired Tune Real from Waves and install but when loading it in a channel it does not appear , Checking in the manager it appears, but it does not appear in the folders.
Any solution .
Sorry but my english

This is normal when adding a new plug-in. The list on the left shows all the plug-ins installed on your computer. The list on the right shows all the plug-ins which you decide you want to be visible and available for you to use organized into folders however you prefer. These are called Collections and you can even create several different Collections if you like. Newly added plug-ins are not automatically added to any Collections. You need to configure that yourself.

If you drag the plug-in into one or more Folders that’s where it will show up in the dialog to load plug-ins. I’d suggest reading the section in the Manual about the Plug-In Manager.

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Thank you so much
I was able to solve the problem