Cubase 10 pops

When using my Mac spacebar to stop/start Cubase there is a sort of popping noise, like a plop. Same when I click on the red solo defeat buttons on the project console.

Anyone any ideas.? I am using exclusively Native Instruments and Komplete Kontrol. No other plug-ins installed, everything is up to date.

Also, when I select the ‘Quit Cubase Pro’ drop down menu to leave Cubase the system hangs with just the spinning wheel of death.

I use iMac.

Any ideas anyone ?

I am very new in production, and have an IMAC from 2010 3.6 GHz Intel Core i5 16 gig RAM and recently got Cubase 10 pro upgrading from 8 Elements (recently meaning about 8months) I open a project that I have been working on now for months, and now there is a popping sound in various places and not always in the exact place? I have followed the instructions on changing my Audio Device Buffer Size to its max and I am pretty sure I have followed those steps correctly. 2045 is where its at now and still it pops like crazy at times.
I did have 22 tracks mostly audio vocals, with 3 instances of Retrologue, one of Prologue, one of Halion that come with Cubase. Two of the 22 tracks are free plugins online, BFDrums and MT PowerDrumsKit. This has never occurred before and I have been using all of these since 2yrs back when getting Cubase Elements 8. I have now deleted one of my tracks and it seems like the popping has stopped however it has stopped briefly before and then if I raise any levels or do any work popping starts again. Any suggestions? (other than getting a newer computer lol)

If deleting a track helped then you could try freezing tracks instead.
See info here: Freezing Insert Effects
I also found another tutorial here: Cubase DSP Optimization - How to get more CPU Performance in Cubase

Thanks, Sjurdur, I did freeze quite a few tracks and it still occurs (yes the popping came back like I thought it would). I will check out the other link you sent later and update the thread afterward.

Thanks, Sjurdur that second link got me reading more and messing with the levels and it would seem that my drum roll and some of the kicks frrom that BFDrums and MT combined drum rolls were doing something funny. I remedied it by pulling down some levels in that kit itself.