Cubase 10 Pro 10.0.30 Mixdown Problems

Hi there,

I’m having problems with doing mixdowns since I updated to the latest Cubase version. MP3 mixdowns no longer work at all, and it just hangs on the rendering dialogue. The same with AIFF & WAV mixdown.

I’ve found a workaround of sorts, which involves starting the mixdown process as an AIFF output file, then if it hangs - cancelling the rendering dialogue in windows taskbar. Then changing the output file type from AIFF to WAV, trying again, and if that fails repeating the process and changing back to AIFF. And continuing that process until it renders.

Anyone having similar problems, with a better solution?

Thanks - Johnny M.

No problems here, except for the contiuing issue of the progress meter sometimes working and sometimes being blank…

That’s really odd. Is your CPU maxed out? Old computer? Old OS? Maybe running too many plugins? Maybe a dither program is running an alternate audio path? Different bit rate?