Cubase 10 Pro Boxed Version - no discs?


Sorry, I’m not getting any joy with Steinberg Support (25 days later), and just found this forum, so thought I would try and ask on here, I’ve just invested in Cubase 10 Pro boxed version, and the item No on the box is 47212, but it doesn’t have software discs in it, just the usb e-licenser and download information. Is this what I should expect in a boxed version these days, or have I been sold the wrong item?

It is just the USB eLicenser and Activation Code. No discs.

Hi there

Yes Jaslan is right, I just bought Wavelab Pro boxed version, same thing, just a USB licenser (which I didn’t need cos I have Cubase Pro) and a code.

Best Regards, Dave

Thanks for the replies, good to know this is what it should be. I haven’t opened the box yet, been busy but just in case I did get the wrong thing delivered. I’m going to open it up now for the big reveal of a practically empty box! Looking forward to getting my teeth back into the music making though.

Just be sure to plan for a large (~10GB) download. I don’t think you don’t have to wait to download until you open the box either.

Virtually no one uses discs anymore, most new computers don’t have a disc drive anymore.
I wouldn’t mind if the eLicenser had enough storage to include the install, and after install could hold a copy of all settings.
But I guess that would be a logistical nightmare.

What is a Disc ? :laughing: