cubase 10 pro crashes on boot

Greetings! Today i upgraded my Cubase pro 9.5 to 10. Unfortunately, after a succesful installation , Cubase 10 stops during the loading phase showing no error. I tried to install Cubase 10 on my laptop and all works fine. I use windows 10 pro 64bit.

I already:

  • tried to install/unistall Cubase 10
  • tried to install/unistall eLicenser

p.s. Cubase 9.5 still works.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

Hi and welcome,

Make sure your Audio Device driver is up-to-date.

Make sure all of your plug-ins are up-to-date.

Do you use any plug-in with iLok?

Yes, sorry for this delay. I have 5-6 plug-in with iLok.

p.s. tried to update all, but i’m stuck :’(


Could you try to start Cubase in Windows 8 compatibility mode, please? This is a workaround for the Wun10 not-compatible plug-ins (related to iLok).