cubase 10 pro download files

Hello I have just downloaded the cubase pro 10 and noticed that in my disk clean up it has approx 20 gb of file which says i can delete. Is it ok to delete this file or will i lose my cubase pro 10 entirely. Also after i downloaded cubase pro 10 and activated the e licenser steinberg says i am entilted to the cubase pro 10.5 but it is another 20 gb download. Is there just an upgrade for my new pro 10 that i can download via the grace period. Thanks windows 10 home.

If you use the download assistant you will find an update from 10 to 10.5.

Thanks all done. One more question please. When i launched 10.5 it said there were two updates for my program. Halion 6 and groove agent 5 so i went ahead and downloaded them. When i launched cubase again it said that i needed to activate two licenses for the two said updates. But i have no license codes for either. Where do i find these. was i surposed to download these updates anyway? its very confusing. Thanks sean

Cubase itself comes with slimed-down versions of Halion & GA. What the installer indicated it was going to update are those, not the full blown versions you later downloaded. Those full versions are separate products that require their own purchase & license. Either uninstall the full versions or use this as an excuse to buy an upgrade or two.