Cubase 10 Pro have serious problems

I just bought Cubase 10 and upgraded from 8.5. Love it…
Except that it comes with tons of problems for me after continuing working on a projekt started in 8.5

  • Sometimes it randomly plays a part in the wrong place, or the wrong soundfile for a part. So all of a sudden a part starts playing 10 bars before it actually come.

  • Also it jitters a lot and a super loud white noise comes from nowhere, on a single track. This noise usually stays for the whole playback and just on this track. It doesn’t matter if I disable all the plugins. It can be on any track. And it won’t go away until I quit Cubase and start again.

  • And it crashes without warning pretty often (without crash logs it seems, at least I can’t find any. Where are they supposed to be on Win 10?)

I’m only using UAD plugins (with the latest update) my soundcard Focusrite 18i20 is updated, a couple of Waves and Vertigo VSM3. All updated.

Any ideas? Sucks going back to 8.5 to finish my record after shelling out to get 10.

It’s never a good idea to do major software upgrades in the middle of a project. If you start a project on one version, it’s always safest to stay there until it’s complete.