Cubase 10 pro: import the video mp4 file "Invalid or not supported file"

Hello guys,

I’m having a problem with importing video in Cubase pro 10, “invalid or not supported file”. When I tried open one of my video files, there was nothing happen on my screen. I don’t know much about technical video things, but I tried convert my video file from mp4 to .mov. and it also didn’t work. Can anyone help me please.

I’m a Windows 10 user

Thank you in advance

Adding to this post, I faced the same issue.
It seems to be a BUG
I have video recorded with Iphone, one is not recognized, the other yes… same codecs, size etc… the only difference the wrong one is few 100s MB, the other 80MBs only

I’ve looked at help files from Steinberg and elsewhere in the forums but didn’t find any mention about file size.

Any idea ?

Didi you ever find out, what was the problem/bug?
I am having the same problem with Cubase 10.5 and mp4 videos I made with my smartphone (Samsung S7).
When converting the video from mp4 to mp4 it is then being recognized by Cubase.
The difference is a slight differenent frame rate (30,39 frames/second) on the problematic video.


Hi there,

I am having this problem and I wondered if there was solution from Steinberg??