Cubase 10 Pro lost files

So I am running Cubase 10 Pro on IMac 10.13.6 and I will usually put it to sleep on during the day with an open project. I have a WD Passport drive where Cubse is on, and where I save my files to. Sometimes (more often than not) when I wake it the computer doesnt see the drive and I have to reboot/or eject the drive. This time however (like alot of othertimes) I had a project open. When I rebooted the project no longer has files of audio there that I have saved from days ago in the project anymore. These files are vocal files that were perfect and i dont see me being able to reproduce in the time i have to send to mastering. This has never happend, and I dont see the “revert” function doing anything - although I have done it 3 times. Also when I go to the pool I dont see them there either. I did notice some blocked-out audio reminiscent to the blocks you see in the project pictured here. please help.
Missing Files from NGGYU.pdf (194.4 KB)


Cubase doesn’t own the files, the files are not in the project. Please open Finder and search for the files on the given project folder/Audio/.

I am not following you regarding “Cubase doesn’t own the files” I did not think/ask that, please let me know how that is relevant. Additionally, did you view the picture (screenshot) I sent, (do you see how the tracks are just picture blocks with no audio data in them) is what you’re suggesting to do still viable with that issue? Look at this pool picture (it seems like it does not know where these tracks are “???”)

Thank you again for your speedy reply.


The files are stopped at any external drive, which is not connected at the moment. Therefore Cubase cannot read the files.

Martin , the drive is connected, and it’s not seeing the files (the pictures I have sent are of when the drive is connected) . Cubase seems to have misplaced the files entirely, I did try looking in the “audio” folder as you suggested (great idea) and so far NO good. I thought I could search the “audio” folder for that particular name in the project that is missing but the name doesn’t seem to exist anymore it hops from blablablah_ 54 to blablablah_ 56 (as an example of one particular file missing). I’m going to dedicate an entire night to searching one by one later.
I have found in the “edit” folder what seems to be one pass (one edit of one of the verses) but not everything is lost- as of yet. Any other options, to get these files back? I can see the files missing “dates” is there a search for audio files with that “date” I could do ???


What do you see, if you show the whole Path? Is there any difference comparison to the files, which are OK?

You can also use macOS Spotlight to search for the files.

Not by the computer yet but I saw your question through my phone, how do I see “the complete file path”. If you see this before I get to my studio great if you can give me some direction there…otherwise I’ll research it once in studio. Thank you again!


Extend the Path column in the Pool window, please.

I feel I know what the problem is, but still don’t know how to fix…as I’ve said before sometimes when I wake my computer up it doesn’t see the WD External drive contestants-so I eject it. Sometimes when I open a project that was open at the time of me having to force eject the external drive, it’ll ask me for certain file locations-but I must be doing that incorrectly because after telling Cubase where to look and saving the project…the project always asks where those certain files are again at a later time of reopening. This is my process for that: Normally I tell it to check the folder that holds the .CPR file, and that has always worked in the past. This particular project though I remember when I attempted to open it a few weeks back was missing like 30 FILES (which is way abnormal) in which I pointed them all back to the

.CPR file(again this has always worked the past to open up these/other files on any/all other projects, up till now).

As I have followed your direction to pull over the view to see the full path of the file in the pool I noticed that it’s looking .CPR files though I noticed that all other file paths that work are .wav files. So I believe I have told Cubase to look for files somewhere else and they are not there. Plus when I do a search on my computer for the file names (-.cpr) I’m getting nothing. It still opens up a project, which I didn’t think would happen without Cubase finding these files first I guess I’ve learned something new. So is there any way to find these files even though I can see they are not there in the audio areas, would they have saved somewhere else in another folder…or am i not understanding the process here. Could they have been renamed?…And placed elsewhere and is it going to be an enormous task to get them back in the right place now? Am I Better off recording at this point…although the MAGIC IS in the takes I compiled and how I edited them thus far…PLEASE advise and thank you for the interaction. Here are more pictures