Cubase 10 pro - midi recording problem

midi recording does not work, when I start recording, the vst stops making sounds, a blank track appears, when I stop recording the track is deleted. Everything works until I turn on recording

anyone ?

No midi is getting to the track you are recording on. When this happens it will disappear because you have t recorded anything. Check you are seeing midi coming in and that you either have all inputs selected for the track you are recording on or the correct one.

midi works, i can play but pressing record stops vsti sound

where to find it

Let’s take things one after the other…

  1. What are you using, an instrument track or a MIDI+VST combination ? I guess it’s the former, but still… If not, I suggest to use an instrument instead : more easy to set up, if the VSTi you are using isn’t multitimbral.
  2. Rather basic, I know, but just in case, Do you have the Record enable button activated when you start recording ?
  3. Also just in case, and as @mkok was asking, do you get MIDI messages when playing the VSTi (checkable with the MIDI in activity meter in the transport bar), especially when attempting to record it ?
  4. Check BOTH the MIDI port (Input Routing drop down list, in the track inspector) and the Channel used (also in the track inspector) : you should put it to Any, as this setting is the only one which won’t change the channel of the incoming MIDI messages received. beside this, if the MIDI port isn’t set properly, you’ll get an empty MIDI part while recording, which will disappear as soon as you stop recording. It’s simply means that no MIDI event can actually be recorded on the track.
  5. As you get sound from your VSTi, I guess that in the Preferences>MIDI panel, the MIDI Thru Active option is ticked. Something to check, though…
  6. Important, as I think that your issue could also be related to this : in the Preferences>VST panel, check the Auto Monitoring setting : I almost always use the Tapamachine Style option, precisely to avoid any kind of problem such as this one.