cubase 10 pro new download

Hi I am having a few problems with missing files on my downloads. I would like to do a fresh download, do i remove the license dongle when downloading the files or is it ok to leave it in. It is registered for cubase 10.5 is it ok just to download cubase 10 as i have read there are still a few issues with 10.5. This will be my 3rd download at a cost of 30 euros internet data per download!! I need to get this right pls help brothers and sisters.

Leaving the USB dongle in while downloading should not have any effect. I doesn’t matter. You can download C10 if you like and the C10.5 license will allow you to use C10 but I think there are some content items that are new in C10.5 that won’t be included in the C10 download (Padshop 2, for example). Cubase 10.5 seems to be working fine for most users. There are always a few people that run into problems but, most of the time, it has to do with something specific on their system such as conflicting plugins or hardware, etc.

Are you sure the downloads are incomplete? I wouldn’t want you to continue to spend money if that is not the problem…

Thanks will give it a shot today.