Cubase 10 pro or artist backward compatible

Hi I am jumping back into recording with Cubase. I have an oldStudio 4 with a bunch of projects on it – wondering if Cubase 10 Artist will suffice in opening my Studio 4 CPR projects or do I HAVE to get the PRO…??? I am not an pro and don’t need that much power or want a bigger learning curve. thanks, locosan

Any edition of Cubase 10 (Pro, Artist or Elements) will open a Cubase Studio 4 project. You could download the trial of whichever edition you’re interested in and test this. Be aware that the crazy deal currently on is too good to pass up … if I were you, go for Pro as it is unlikely to ever be available at such a discount (2 more days!).

But, back to your question, yes, Cubase Artist 10 will open your old Cubase Studio 4 CPR files. There may be issues with missing plugins (HALion One in particular) but come back here and people will help.

yay you are the best Mr. Soundman! My wife says I am a penny pincher - along with my bandmates – we will be happy and hard pressed to get the most out of Artist but I am so happy we won’t lose 20yrs of studio 4 projects.every Thursday The Texas Thorns play/write music , bocce and beer! We will take you up on help with plug ins. and also how to get both our garage computer and my laptop loaded so I can mix at home – Thanks again - locosan