Cubase 10 Pro owner wants Cubase Elements for onstage backing tracks

Hey folks. I’ve done some searching and haven’t had luck finding answers here. This is my situation…

I have a Cubase 10 Pro license but I don’t want to be bringing my dongle out on tour to run my backing tracks for the band. It’s a simple setup, just a MacBook Pro running a stereo pair of organ samples with a click track routed off for our drummer. I’ve been using Logic Pro X to do this but I absolutely hate the app as it’s… Illogical so to speak. My main thing is that I don’t want to bring a dongle on the road for fear of it getting lost or damaged. So the question is… can I use my Pro license to download and install Elements without needing the dongle?

To use Elements without a dongle you’ll need to buy a license for it.

A band on tour has so much expensive equipment they DO take care of that it is absolutely ridiculous to me to refuse to take the dongle on tour.
You have to be careful with the notebook, your intstuments, your etc. etc… so why not with the dongle?

Still: There are tons of equipement that come with free cubase versions (AI for example) that would be sufficient for your needs.

HTH, Ernst

Well to be fair, the dongle is made out of plastic and dangerously sticks out the side of the MacBook and our drummer is probably the least careful person on the planet. He knocked the laptop over when setting up and ended up breaking my old dongle and damaging the MacBook’s USB port which is why I made the switch to Logic for live backing tracks.

So here’s a second question… If I have to purchase a license for Elements will I have to pay for the full version or would I get a discount since I already have 10 Pro? I’ve invested a ton of money into Steinberg software since 1995 so it would be nice to get a price break.

To my knowledge there is no discount available that matches your need.

Have you ever considered to use a different (free) program for playing back your backing tracks? Does it HAVE to be Cubase?

Cheers, Ernst

You pay the full price.

Hi all

I kind of agree with th OP here, taking a dongle on the road is not great. If it’s the ONLY thing you have to worry about then fine , but then(in my case at least) there’s speakers, guitars, pedals to deal with and somewhere in there the dongle will suffer. I myself use Elements onstage but have Pro in the studio, but I paid for Elements as well and it’s a good investment, I purchased it when they had one of those offers as I recall.

Best Regards, Dave

I am totally with the OP on this one Steinberg. A USB dongle is something you generally want to keep stationary and permanently in a studio space. Traveling with it greatly increases the chances of loss and damage of either eLicencer dongle or the USB port of the laptop itself as well.

OP should be able to place a licence for lower versions on the software eLicencer for simplicity.