Cubase 10 Pro - Registration and Opening old projects

Hi everyone! I am new here and I have some questions regarding C10. I will put them all in one topic and hopefully this is the right subforum to do it :slight_smile: English is not my first language, so please bear with me :slight_smile:


  1. I have just bought Cubase Pro 10 online, download version. I got it because of promotion, and don’t need it immediately. I have a plan to use it on some really old projects with a friend, later this year. (I am using other software for music production currently)

What happens if I don’t activate my Cubase copy right now, and Cubase 10.5 comes out in the meantime? Can I download the new version installer and then register the software? If I remember well it was possible to buy older versions of Cubase online for full price and activate them as they were never activated. Not trying to cheat or anything it’s just that I don’t need to use Cubase right now (I don’t even have a dongle yet) so it would be cool if I could activate software later as I have just bought it and use latest version. How does it work with Cubase bought in Steinberg online store?

And if it is possible to register newer version later, what exactly counts as activation? Entering activation code on My Steinberg account or registering software with dongle?

  1. I didn’t use any Steinberg product in ages. One of the reasons for buying Cubase is to collaborate on a some old projects with a friend that is a Cubase user. We worked on an album more than decade ago in a different studio on a some old version of Nuendo and I still have song backups. It wold be cool to use those projects as a starting point. I got the impression (please let me know if I am wrong) that Cubase can open most of the Nuendo projects and vice versa. At least that was the case at that time, maybe it has changed? It was something like Nuendo version 2 or 3. Is it possible to open Nuendo 3 project in modern version of Cubase at all? It would save al lot of time not having to go through all the wav files searching for the right takes and just open the projects. We don’t have access to that studio anymore. I could potentially find someone with a new version of Nuendo to export wavs for us from old projects but it would be much more convenient to do it in my own Cubase.

If it is not possible, I got the impression that Cubase licence automatically gives me the licence for older versions of Cubase? So for instance, can I download somewhere last 32bit version of Cubase and use it to open old Nuendo projects? In that way I could even get back the processing on some of the channels to open, even if I probably don’t have all the plugins we have used at the time. But again, it would help.

Also, what happens with channels that have had multiple takes on one channel? I know Steinberg has changed the way how it works in new versions. Does old multiple takes just conform to the new system for comping, so everything will be there in project anyway? I remember that some of the vocal comping was quite chaotic in arrangement window.

Thanks in advance on any help, it is appreciated!

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  1. You will always get the very latest version of Cubase, at the moment, when you activate it. So if you activate your license at the moment, when Cubase 10.5 will be out (or announced), you will get Cubase 10.5 license, thanks to Steinberg Grace Period politics. The entering of the Activation code and clicking to Download is THE time, which counts (not the registration of the USB-eLicenser or Cubase).

  2. Yes, you can open Nuendo projects in Cubase and vice versa. Yes, in theory, you can still open Nuendo 2 or 3 project in Cubase 10. In some rear cases it would fail (then mostly because of plug-ins).

  3. Yes, with Cubase 10 Pro license you can download, install and Cubase Cubase Pro 9.5, 9, 8.5, 8, 7.5, 7… 5, 4, SX3…

Thanks Martin!

Do you know where exactly I can find older Cubase installers for download on Steinberg site? Download manager shows only versions 10 and 9.5.


Which version do you need?

Well, not sure, it would be handy to have last version that still uses 32bit plugins, so that I can open old projects I have mentioned in the first post. Not sure what version it is, 6.5 I think?


The very latest 32-bit Cubase was 8.5. I sent you a PM.

I have also a question.

When i have a cubase project that uses a VST instrument not available to another user, how it is possible the other user to work on that project? do i have to export the midi file to a wav only? or somehow can i use the midi data of it?
When i transfer the project file to another user who uses cubase with less VST, when open that file, i got all kind of warning messages…

Yes… RIP (or mixdown) the tracks back into the project and then send a copy of the project.

Regards :sunglasses:

Ok thanks :slight_smile: - hoped for something more sophisticated but i think could no be done otherwise…

I have been a long-time user of Cubase 6. Gave it away, including the elicenser dongle to a kid. I recently bought and installed Pro 10 on a new computer. I would like to be able to install Cubase 6 on the new computer as well, using the Pro 10 license. Is there somewhere I can download the installation for 6.0? Thanks!

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I sent you PM with the link.

Btw, you can use Cubase 6 with your Cubase Pro 10 license.