Cubase 10 Pro Safe Mode/disable all VST plugins on start-up

Can anyone assist and tell me how to disable all VST plugins in Cubase 10 Pro on start-up in safe mode?
Cmd/Cntrl+Alt/Opt+Shift (safe mode) does not work as searched all over net.
Only 3 options are available if started in safe mode.
*use current program prefs
*disable current program prefs
*delete current program prefs

No option to disable all VST’s.

Cubase 10 pro crashes, or will not start-up and I think a VST plugin might be the issue but cannot find a way to disable them on start-up.

Even gone as far as re-installing Cubase.

Thanks :grin:

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I can’t say for sure, but it is possible that the “disable 3rd party plugins” option was introduced with Cubase 11.
You can of course just temporarily move your plugins from the plugin folders to another location where cubase won’t find it.
You don’t specify whether you’re on Mac or Windows.
For windows, you could check whether you have crashdumps in “Documents\Steinberg\crashdumps” and upload them here, there are several people here who can analyze them and maybe find the problem.

Hi Fese,

Thank you for your response.
I’m on Mac - I moved the VST folders (VST2/3) and Cubase would open, so it’s definately a vst.

Can anyone plz tell me from the crash report what the offending plugin is?
Cubase 10_2023-02-13-213643_Ians-iMac.crash (76.0 KB)

Many thanks :slight_smile: