Cubase 10 Pro - Waves v9 - mac

Hi guys,
I am struggling with waves v9 plugins on c10: they keep on crashing Cubase and I have to move back to c9.5 until I find a solution for this.
This only on my mac, on my windows they work fine.

What happens is that if I open a waves plugin in the track window they seem to be working, but then if I move into mixconsole and move that same waves plugin it appears as a black window and when I close it Cubases crashes. EVERYTIME.

What I tried to do:

  • vst rescan
  • deleting preference files of both cubase and waves, then restarting cubase.
    No success at all. Any ideas?

P.S. I honestly would like to avoid upgrading to waves v10.

Thank you very much!

Hey, did you ever sort this out?

i’d like to know if this was resolved as well.

Same here

As long as I know, you need to update Waves to 9.3 or newer to prevent this.


I have this issue still.

C10 new install, Crashed every time I loaded a Waves V9 r 1 plugin.
Also tried a Wave9 r 3 version still all crash C10. The plugin GUI editor window opens black. Any further touch on the plug window even to close it, just crashes Cubase instantly. From my own observations the plugins only open once and work in that state but after closing the window any subsequent opening of the plugin GUI window crashes C10.

Steinberg solution was a suggestion I update to Waves r10. This doesn’t help me run customer mixes and there are a whole lot of issues with doing that, not least inflicting yet another new plugin management system on the computer and hope no new glitches arise.

After exploring this glitch I discover if I run the plugins inside a host wrapper like Blue Cats Patcher plugin or Native Instruments Maschine 2 plugin no crashes occur. Steinberg must surely know why their coding does not handle the plugin GUI well. If Steinberg won’t fix these crashes at least let us know the logic behind why a fix hobbles C10. Everything is fine in C9-5.

This work around shows this plugin stability issue is both avoidable and fixable by Steinberg. So come on Steinberg I have invested literally thousands of pounds in your products over the years as a customer since VST5 and C10 has really left me cold.


Are you sure that updating to Wave 9.3 succeeded on your machine ? Because you’re the first one to report this issue with that version.
Please double check.


If they hadn’t installed successfully why would they work ok behind Blue Cat Patchwork.

Hi Arne,

It’s not so straightforward. I use Waves plugins, and have all of mine updated to v10. However, since I use a WavesGrid Server One, and the associated SoundGrid Studio and StudioRacks - the current version for those components remains at v9. If I add a StudioRack to Cubase Pro 10 (.10) project, I can save the project, but Cubase will crash on load repeatedly. The stack trace points to StudioRack. Details upon request - but I’ve submitted the crash reports to Waves.

Just checked it again, installed Waves 9.3 and besides StudioRack which is known to be incompatible, everything works on my machine (macOS 10.14.3).


I have this same exact problem latest Cubase 10 and Waves plugins. For some instances of StudioRack, opening the plugin window results in a black screen and closing the window results in an immediate Cubase 10 crash. Everything works fine in 9.5 but I’ve currently spend $100 for the upgrade for nothing as 10 is useless to me with this issue.