Cubase 10 Pro won't start: Initializing VST Mixer error

Hey there …

I’ve recently installed Cubase 10 Pro. (version 10.0.20 updated to 10.0.30). Initially, it was initializing and loading up. Yesterday, I connected my audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2) in order to record my guitar. Initially Cubase opened up fine, but it didn’t detect the Focusrite USB input output drivers for recording.

After downloading and installing some device drivers for Scarlett 2i2, now Cubase has refused to even start. It loads up screen where it says “Initializing VST Mixer”. After that it halts up the PC and Windows crashes and restarts (screenshot just before the crash is attached).

Here are the things I’ve tried to resolve the issue so far:

  1. Uninstalled and re-installed Cubase 10
  2. Updated the Cubase to version 10.0.30
  3. Run maintenance tasks for eLCC.
    But no luck so far. Maybe the newest Cubase doesn’t like my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio interface or it’s ASIO drivers, as I’ve read in this post

My PC specs are as follows:

Processor: Intel Xeon X5687 @ 3.6 Ghz (2 processors)
Memory: 16 Gb
SSD: 128 Gb (70 Gb Free in C:)
Hard Disk: 1TB (290 Gb free on the partition F:)
Windows: 10 Pro

Following are installation paths:

Cubase 10.0.30: C:\Program Files\Steinberg (installed on SSD)
All rest included VST and other instruments are installed on the Hard disk partition:
(F:\Program Files\Steinberg\ProgramData\VST Sound)
I have installed only the package which comes with Cubase 10 Pro

Your help is required, so that I’m able to make some music :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

Could you try to uninstall Cubase once again? When you will install it back, make sure you unpack the Zip file first. Then install it from the unpacked folder and make sure you are installing it as an administrator, please. Then you can also try to start Cubase as an administrator.

Hi Martin

Thank you for taking the time out for replying.
I’ll perform the actions mentioned above and get back to you soon.
Just to clarify, the components other than Cubase itself (HaLion, Grooveagent etc) should be removed and re-installed also, or just Cubase program.


You definitely don’t have to uninstall the sound library. But I would recommend to uninstall all Cubase components.

Hey Martin

So i uninstalled all the Cubase components from ‘Add and Remove Programs’. Then unpacked, installed as Administrator. Restarted the computer. Then plugged in USB license key, opened Cubase as administrator. However, at ‘Initializing: VST Mixer’ the Cubase stopped and after a while Windows crashed, as it has been doing.

Any thoughts on this. :slight_smile: