Cubase 10 pro

Good afternoon! I have a question-
I want to buy Cubase 10 pro completely new without updates from scratch - what does it include?
Here’s an example I know is “Steinberg download assistant” and there are all sorts of sound library “Halion” there’s just bass and orextreme sounds that is vst sound! All these sounds can be downloaded for free after purchasing Cubase pro or you need to buy separately?
What else can I download for free for Cubase pro in Steinberg download assistant?
Then how many computers can I install this Cubase pro on? For example in Ableton live you can download it to two different PCs Cubase pro has this feature?
Then if I install Cubase on the Windows platform and often it turns out that I have to reinstall the windows operating system - can I reactivate Cubase and how many times can I activate it?
Please answer the questions in detail and to the point!
Thank you in advance!

If you buy Cubase Pro, you can download Cubase Pro. All soundfiles that are free are included there, VST Fx and VST instruments included can be found in the operation mauals downloadable on the support site. Everything else you see in the download manager - have to pay

Nothing - apart from time limited trialversions.

You can install it on up to 3 computers that are in your posession

Since the license is on the USB eLicenser, all you have to do is plug the licenser into a USB port of your computer as many times as you want. No re-activation necessary

I correctly understood if I have to reinstall Windows or I for example will change the ssd drive and will re install Windows no matter how many times I do it my Cubase will still always be with me?

And you can learn more about vst sound! Here is me not long showed on Studio steinberg download assistant I and himself then sake of interest uploaded his and looked that can be download, so here is there there is Ah for example “electric bass” and I see that his can be download but not see that can be pay as then his buy? Lol)

and what is operation mauals on the support site?

And I’m sorry for being so thorough… I’ve seen Cubase 8 and seen Cubase 10 Pro. In the 8th Cubase, the screen theme is so much darker blue, and in cubase 10 it is straight dark. I saw how they work in piano roll in the tenth Cubase and it seemed to me that this is too dark a theme of the screen and I have to squint my eyes to see… My question is can I change the theme from a dark screen to a lighter one in Cubase 10? for example light gray?

thank you in advance

Cubase 10 includes some VST content, did you want a list of those?