Cubase 10 project loading time...


Cubase 10 takes forever in project loading…

My project has 20 tracks (vst instruments, sound banks…) for 11 Go of ram. A really basic project for me. Loading this takes over 7 or 8 minutes!
I’ve never had to wait such time in Cubase 9.5. I’ve had projects with 40 or 50 tracks, 24 Go ram load, and Cubase 9.5 took just a minute or so to load…

So am I the only one to notice this “issue”? Is that normal today?

NB: my workstation is “Music dedicated”, no 3D, Office, internet or graphics programs.

Win 10 (last ver.1809) - Cubase 10 (last vers. 10.0.15 build 136)

i7-3770 / 3.40Ghz - 32 Gb ddr3 ram -
Ssd for OS (C:)
Banks on sata internal and external drives.

Thanks anyone for feedback.


Load times are most often related to VSTs…

So… are you using a different, new, or revised VST in this project (compared to other projects that load “normally”)? If yes, disable it to see if that corrects the long load time.

Regards :sunglasses:

Especially some Kontakt libraries that opened fast in v5 can now take a much longer time to open in v6. The remedy is to do a batch re-save in v6. But be aware that they might not open in v5 anymore.


Thank you Prock and Nickeldome for your replies.

Prock, the only Vsti I’ve upgraded is Kontakt. From 5 to 6.

So yes Nickeldome, that’s maybe the reason why is Cubase 10 so low. I use intensely Kontakt…
I’ll try to batch and resave some heavy libraries to see if it goes better.


I have checked three projects now:
1st one only Waves and MIDIs with default Halion. 20 trax: loading time 5 seconds!
2nd one with Trilian and EZ drummer VSTs. Loading time 30 seconds.
3rd one with using 8 tracks of Kontakt related VSTs: 2 minutes.
So yeah, reducing the kontakt libraries whenever possible could be a good idea imho.