Cubase 10 - Still not exporting to locators


I’ve had this issue since Cubase 6, and it still has not been fixed. I can’t loop seamless video game music stems, and I’m tired of using Protools.

In a nutshell - when I export a wav in Cubase, then import it back in any DAW, there is extra time added to the end of the wav, milliseconds worth of time. So obviously, if a developer imports it into their engine, it will not loop seamlessly and will pop/click. Here are a few relevant threads:

I know this will not be resolved and I sent another message to Steinberg, but worth another shot I guess.


Doed this happen without any plugins? (especially those with latency compensation)

Yes, I tried moving the VST 2 and VST 3 folder also, so there are virtually no plug-ins loaded into Cubase


I’ll look into it okay?

Thanks, good luck.

Can confirm.

Haha, now try different tempos and it might work once in a blue moon.