Cubase 10 still problems with sound after installing ASIO4all

We need help please, we are very frustrated by now.

We first had the biggest problem in installing Cubase. Almost two years we went in and out with trying. Now we have it installed and sure… no sound.

In the sound setup there was no ASIO driver so after reading here we downloaded ASIO4all.
Selected it in the driverslist, did select the out and input in the audio connections.
Haleluja, it worked! But… the next day, laptop on, cubase on… NO SOUND!
But the whole laptop has no sound! Uninstalled A4a, reinstalled, did the setup. But only the one time with sound and now nothing at all…
After searching on this forum and countless of youtube movies we are lost…

We are at the point of giving up, but we invested a lot of money for this program and are very frustrated that it doesn’t seem to work right.
Before buying cubase we bought a new laptop for Cubase… So… not only the program, but also an expensive laptop…

How can we solve this?

Get an audio interface with its own asio drivers. Why spend do much money and rely on cheap and nasty inbuilt audio? It’s a professional application so use professional gear.

Check if it helps to disable the Micrsoft GS Wavetable Synth in the MIDI Port Setup.
You might need to reset your audio device afterwards.


What happens if you check Always resample 44.1 kHz <> 48 kHz in A4All Control Panel ?

This YouTube video might help. He has other ASIO4all videos on his channel.