cubase 10 stock plugins texts change from white to black

texts on my cubase 10 stock plugins change from white to black. since the interface is dark grey, i can’t see the text clearly. please how do i fix this problem. check the attached image

i have tried resetting cubase using ctrl+alt+shft but it didn’t solve the problem.

Hello tims,
to me it looks more like a system font than a Cubase problem.
Both font color and size seem to be wrong. ‘PEAK’ and ‘RMS’ above the ANALYSIS label on the Gate should be much smaller.


I had the same issue on MacOS.
The problem was with system fonts. Cubase uses Arial family fonts and they were disabled. Not sure how to check fonts on Windows but the problem lies up there.

Thanks Andreas and Gabermusic. You guys are right. It was with the windows fonts. I couldn’t fix it so I reinstalled windows (keeping my files and programs). Its working fine now. Thanks again.