Cubase 10 Stuck on VST Transit

It takes 30 min to start cubase 10. Cubase starts well but when it comes to VST Transit, it stuck and I have to come back to cubase after taking a tour downtown to curb my frustration. I know this has been a topic here before! Is any solution there Steinberg has proposed to Mac users?


If you don’t use VST Transit, you can just remove the component from your system.

Hi thanks for your reply;
Can you please lead me about how to remove VST Transit;


You can find the component here:
-System/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components. Move vsttransit.bundle and vsttransitcore.bundle out of this folder.

Thanks, I will this and hopefully this will save me from the nightmare!

Hi Martin Jirsak,
I want just say thank for your help, because it resolved a part of the problem and Cubase lunching time have been a bit resonnable. But it still stuck when it comes to VST Connect SE and take about 8 to 15 minutt to wait. Is anything I can do with this? I feel that this is not normal and I wasting a lot of time.


VST Connect SE bundle is located here:

  • Right-click to Cubase 10.x application and choose Show Package Contents
  • Contents/Components

Remove the vstconnect.bundle.

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure, how it will work with Cubase update. Might be, Cubase update will install these components again for you.

Thank you a lot again for your help! No problem , at least I know that I can remove them in the future without compromising the main functionality of Cubase.