Cubase 10 system requirements?

Hi! Didn’t find any info about system requirements. Especially Mac. Does it works with El Capitan (Mac OS 10.11)?

Hi, does it work with Yosemite 10.10.5?

It’s listed in the upgrade/pricing screen - for OS X, Sierra & High Sierra are listed as “officially” supported.

I had 9.5 pro running on MountainLion for awhile just fine. I expect you’d be safe on Yosemite and ElCaptain.

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I’m running c10 in El capitan.

Seems to run fine. Graphically there’s a few glitches

Hi everybody! So, Ive got a dongle with C10 Pro license for testing in my studio. On my system Mac pro 6 core 2012 wit El Capitan 10.11.6, C10 is not working. Massive number of issues. I e. Creating folders, creating tracks, moving tracks into folders, export audio mixdown = crush cubase 10. It doesn’t matter big project or completely empty. BTW, Cubase 9.5 Pro working seamless.

interesting that it’s working with el capitan for me.

I’ve been told that Cubase software is usually compatible with up to 3 OS X. In this case, the 3rd will be Mojave.
So, it’s not recommended to upgrade to v.10 if you don’t have Sierra or High Sierra (soon Mojave). I hope Steinberg can make an exception with this.
El Capitan is the latest OS for a lot of MacPro’s… I meant, 2006 to 2010… I would guess (IMHO) 3,1 is the most sold MacPro.
This machines are very powerful (even after 10 years) and it’s a sad new that we can’t enjoy the new features in Cubase 10 (and it will be some thousand euros that Sternberg will not get).

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I’ve installed last night on Yosemite, everything fine :smiley:

It works with Yosemite for me.
Installing a new version it recalls your last settings, did you check on default track color? You might need to restore the default track color settings in your preferences before opening anything if you have changed track color settings in your previous version. Check the forum, they have warned about this.

You did my day! its working now! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Just to add to this. I just installed Cubase 10 on my Mac Pro. It’s an early 2009, 2.93ghz quad core with 32g of ram. Running El Capitan. So far everything appears to be running okay. I opened the latest project I’m working on and no glitches. Played smoothly and CPU was about the same as in 9.5. I haven’t worked with Cubase 10 much yet but so far so good.

Cubase 10 pro compatibility with Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.6? Anyone?

Hi Puli
How has C 10 been performing on Yosemite?

Very well!