Cubase 10 Template Hub Location

In previous version of Cubase, my user templates have appeared in the “MORE” tab of the Cubase “Hub”. While I have been able to change and remove templates on my Mac by going into the User/Preferences/Cubase 10/Project Templates folder, it seems Cubase 10 has (1) imported all of my Cubase 9/9.5 templates and placed them in the “More” tab of the hub; while (2) all of my new Cubase 10 templates appear in the “Recording” tab of the hub. This structure is not visible in the templates folder (preferences); thus it cannot be edited directly. Plus, even if I copy or move my new C10 templates to the SAME directory as the imported C9 templates, they remain segregated into different tabs of the hub - i.e. they do NOT all appear in the “MORE” tab. And no hierarchical folder structure is possible to create in the MORE tab either.

Does anyone know how to customize the way user templates appear in the hub - i.e. which tab? Is it a matter of deleting a preferences or .plist file?

Thanks in advance,



Could you please attach a screenshot of the Hub and the Project Templates folder (in Finder)? Could you right-click to the template, here you should be able to open the folder in Finder.

Martin, you don’t seem to understand the issue.


I understand it so, that the user templates are not stored under the MORE “folder” in the Hub. I have never seen this and I hope, that I will see something more, when getting a screenshots.I also wonder, where is the source of the template file really stored. This is why did I ask to use the right-click.

If I understand it wrong, could you help me to understand it right, please?

Sounds like some linguistic confusion?. Looks like the OP wants to edit the category the templates appear in, in the Hub.

As Martin correctly states, the sorting of template categories is not a matter of where they are stored, but is done in Mediabay. I think un-categorized templates end up in the ‘More’ tab.