Cubase 10 track scrolling freezes

The project I’m working on is a remix, and I have all the original stems in there as tracks, some I have then duplicated and had my way with to build new sounds, then an arrangement in tracks below, including VSTi, FX channels with groups, and VSTs. I don’t usually work like this but with a new Cubase and new i7, win 10, 32GB laptop why not give it a try?

In Cubase 10.0.10 after a bit of scrolling (and correlating with some selection of multiple tracks), CPU gets blasted (hearing the fan) and some very big delays occur which breaks the “immersiveness” of the Cubase User Experience.

In Cubase 10.0.15 I am seeing full freezes in this situation, much sooner (see linked screenshot above). I can open the project in 10.0.15 and have it freeze within 10seconds.

118 tracks all up, guess that’ll set the ceiling on what I’ll try to do in future. Noticed that page up/down is much more responsive and didn’t yield the freeze. Removing the 20 odd stem tracks from the project brings it back to performant when scrolling. Would cached waveform images for tracks help avoid the massive hit when scrolling back to huge waves in tracks?

I found a problem track or two where many duplicates of the same large wave file where layed ontop of each other, and I swear I didn’t make that arrangement. So there may have been another gremlin in 10.0.10 causing that. Have not had real problems with 10.0.15 it does slow when it hits such a track but they shouldn’t be there anyway).