Cubase 10 unusable on windows 10

while Reaper demo and ableton live demo show around 3% CPU usage with same plugins and 512 buffer setting:
Cubase 10 is at 40% !
and with 8 instances of omnisphere cubase cant handle it at all, and just freezes,
while in reaper demo and ableteon live demo cpu is only around 12%.

what is wrong with cubase ?

I cannot afford to learn another daw just because of cubase not working in windows 10, unfortunately I only worked in cubase previously and all unfinished projects and recording sessions are in cubase!

You don’t think you can afford not to?
Stop fighting your own carefully made testing conclusions.

Bite the bullet and go ableton live or reaper.

Whats wrong with Cubase?

It does not suit your man/machine combination

Move on

Use your OCd i7-920. 24GB ram. 1 SSD, 2 HDs. | MOTU UltraLite mk3 | ADAM p11a, ns10m. to finish the projects then start fresh with your new daw and computer

If “Cubase 10 unusable on windows 10” were true this forum would light up red in seconds and Steinberg would be out of business in a month

It will take me few months to get fast in reaper or any other daw, I worked in cubase for about 15 years, and currently I have about 10 unfinished projects in cubase 10.

The old i7-920 PC, got infected with virus from “super audio converter”,
using it means reinstalling everything from scratch again on Windows 7…

Oh why does life has to be so hard ometimes

I can certainly understand your pain. A similar thing happened to me, only the number of years and projects were not quite that high as yours. Starting fresh was smoother and easier than I expected it would be though.

If it works for others on Windows 10 I don’t see why it couldn’t work for you? And my experience is that Cubase 10 runs more efficiently than previous versions? Your system probably needs some tweaking? A quick and dirty way to test is to disable hyperthreating in the bios. And then make sure the following options are enabled in the VST Audio System screen:

  1. Activate Multi Processing
  2. Activate Asio Guard
  3. Activate Steinberg Audio Power Scheme

That should at least improve the performance considerably.

The old i7-920 PC, got infected with virus from “super audio converter”,
using it means reinstalling everything from scratch again on Windows 7…

I am not a professional Cubase user, it’s a hobby. The computer I use for music, is for music only, nothing else. How can you get infected with a virus from “super audio converter”? Only reason I can think off it that not all programs/plugins are legal.

You can completely reinstall your operating system, that takes care of your virus issues, and uses your backups from your projects to start over again. But what do I know, I am only an hobbyist.

Good luck.

To anybody out there who is experiencing buffering problems with Cubase 10 let me give my advice on how to fix the problem.


My system works perfectly now.