Cubase 10 Upgrade

Is the Cubase update fron 9.5 to 10 less of a download than the full version
Or-- Is it compulsory that you download the full version in the assistant??

The other thing is— Can you choose what you want from the download as a lot of loops etc i will not want which takes up space.

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Oh dear. did someone buy a MacBook pro and save some cash on the storage?
Only joking.
I’m sat here waiting for the download. Pretty sure theres no update file.
Its good thing because you’ll be able to dual install with the previous version to make sure that everything is working well like your old projects.

The point is i do not want 10 gig of rubbish loops

I also sitting trying to download 21 gig . It will take an age. :laughing:
half of it i think is loops and stuff. I do not need loops and samples, i would rather do all myself

You’ve gotta download the lot - don’t have to install it all though.

I’m just going to presume that it’s due the fact that it was just released. Cubase 9.5 is now being categorized as a legacy product but prior to the current release there was always an option to select a full or upgrade version of the download. Let’s hope this is the case

I would hope the same would hold true as the previous remark but sadly that doesn’t appear to be the case either now nor previously under Cubase 9.5

Hi GR8

Thanks for a straight answer,I think Harry is going of the edge with that guitar solo!! LOL!! :smiley: :astonished:

Up to 10 gig now --30 mins that took. More coffee needed and a Magic Mushroom!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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