Cubase 10 / URM 824 - Recording Audio too early

Hi people,

this is a problem I had on 9.5 and also on 10 Pro. I record guitars to a track and while recording everything is fine.
Once I am done the audio clip that is recorded is too early in the timeline - meaning that the audio is playing earlier than it should.
I’ve googled this and found similar issue but no solution for this. Is it some setting that has to be adjusted somewhere? I mean it would make sense that the recording is late due to latency but not early. This happens even if I record a dry signal without and plugins on a channel.

Anyone know what setting could affect this?

Hi didi you ever get a solution to this? I’ve had the same problem on a couple of different version of Cubase over time.
Asio guard, delay compensation settings don’t seem to make much if any difference. Latency buff is set to 64, overall latency around 3ms.
Cubase is driving me nut. Seems to be a slog to get any consistency.
Tried test at same setting in ableton, works perfect, everything on the beat.
Any help appreciated.

Start with an empty project. No plugins loaded (should rule out plugin delay compensation).
Record something.
If the recording is early or late, check the “Adjust for Record latency” settings on the VST Audio System page.

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I am having this same problem inn Cubase 10.5…any answers yet?

Hi All,

I was looking for any possible solution around the interwebs with no luck so far, so I’ve decided to try & fail for myself! :smiley:

Solution is this:
Navigate to Studio => Studio Setup => Audio System => Record Shift

Over there, you have to enter negative figure of some sort - don’t be afraid of using crazy figures here, e.g. -2550 samples (which is exactly what worked on my end).

I hope this helps.

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been looking for this for years thanks