Cubase 10 - User Interface and Usability Enhancements

I completely love all the features Steinberg has provided in Cubase 10.5 and I have been using for an year now after transitioning from another DAW. Other than below usability issues, I don’t have complain with the software. I appreciate the Product Manager of Steinberg Cubase to go through these usability gaps & workflow enhancements to stay competitive with other DAWs.

  1. The overall font size, VST controls on the right side, description are too small to view. I have spoken to the Technical Support and they have advised to post the request here. Adjusting the windows display resolution or the application font size does not help much. It either blows out way too much out of proportion (at 150%) or too tiny (at 100%). Viewing area is compromised.

  2. The horizontal and vertical bars are too small / narrow, it’s very difficult to grab them and scroll. The bars are almost not visible in the mixing console. The DAWs should not be designed as touchscreen application, it should also support wide screen monitor to comfortably work.

  3. Providing + and - controls in the key editor and the project window is not useful. In fact, nobody will be able to even realize there is one such control that exists. Hovering mouse over to adjust any settings in an ultra-wide monitor is painful.

  4. Steinberg should perform usability testing for different users. Should consider providing 3D events in the Piano key editor so that the background and event can be visually well seen. Similarly, the audio editing work space should provide more presets (user preferences) to view the audio waveform, selection area and the background that are easier and contrasting for human eyes.

  5. MIDI scrubbing tool is completely missing in the key editor. If a user want to hear a chord or an arranged harmony for a specific timeline, there is no such tool. I have read a lot of workarounds but generally they don’t help.

We will sincerely appreciate if the next patch update includes these usability issues to include these user preferences.

Some great suggestions here :slight_smile: